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Founded in 2019, Breakthrough Education was created to fill the void that exists in Guilford County surrounding pre-college programming.  Breakthrough Education seeks to create innovative and impactful programming that can be used within schools, communities, and households throughout the area.  The founders of Breakthrough education bring over a decade of combined education experience in a variety of areas, such as teaching, advising, coaching, mentoring, and more.

Our Mission

We’re a team of educators on a mission to bridge the opportunity gap by equipping students with the tools necessary to forge a post-secondary path of their choosing.

Our Vision

We aim to create a world where all students graduate high school with a comprehensive understanding of their career possibilities, and the skills and confidence necessary to achieve them.

What We Do

The Breakthrough Education difference is that we not only provide consultation services, but will see the project through to completion. Our services are comprehensive and include full-scale consulting, implementation, and follow up services. Below you will see our offerings.

Services for Post-Secondary Success

We support schools in creating cultures of testing excellence, in a way that is meaningful to students and staff alike. Some of these services include:

  • Personalized test preparation manual for all students with daily test preparation activities, FAQs and key dates.
  • Professional development for educators to support them in implementing ACT/SAT preparation into their existing curricula

Testing Support Services

We aim to improve student testing performance through on-site support on testing days.  Some of our support includes:

  • Snack Stations
  • Lending Supplies
    • Calculator
    • Highlighters
  • Active Break Sessions
  • Development of Personalized Programs for Non-Testing Students
    • Job Shadowing Opportunities
    • College Visit

The Breakthrough Scholars Program

The Breakthrough Scholars Program is the core of our Mission at Breakthrough Education. This program is designed to benefit students success during and after high school, taking into account realistic needs, case studies, and the current services provided to students. This program is a comprehensive year-long program designed to fully prepare al participants for their next step in life. Some of the topics covered include:

  • Individualized Success Plan developed through one-on-one meetings with our team of education specialists
  • Test Preparation Services (ACT, SAT, EOCs, NCFEs, WorkKEYS, ASVAB)
  • College Admissions Coaching
  • Resume Building Support
  • Placement in work/volunteer opportunities with our partner organizations

Consulting Services

At Breakthrough Education we understand that not every school or organization fits the mold. That is why we are willing and able to develop personalized plans for any partner. For more information on personalized consulting services please contact us.

Please contact us for information on packages, pricing, and additional rates.

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